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Sebiji Epal Sebesar Kasih Ummi

Written by Muhammad Comments


Dah lama rasanya tak tulis post baru. Sibuk bercuti dengan family, sampai tak cukup tangan nak menaip untuk blog ni ^^ . According to the above picture (the big apple of coz), and the title, there is two people that inspired me to type out this post. Two people which i love soo mother, beloved ummi, and my dearest, bidadari, perkara ni berlaku beberapa hari sebelum aku balik dari kolej. Semasa Kolej Mara Banting sedang dalam demam peperiksaan.

Once a upon a night, di takdirkan i felt soo hungry with nothing around me to eat, just berbekalkan beberapa botol ayam brands yang dibekalkan ummi, i felt soo desperate to look for something, just to kill rasa hungry yang bermain di hati tu. Balik dari solat di surau, i get to my room, the first ever thing that came to my wild mind masatu, was the tiny, yet terrifying, bottles of ayam brands ( i was gravely ravenous ). Habis digeledah bags that my mom pack and gave to me a week before. Out of a sudden, i found an apple as big as my fist. My eyes gleamed in the dark room :-D Haha...Bagai bulan jatuh ke riba...Thank You Lucky Star!!!

Tapi, in all of the excitement (and contentment of coz), aku teringat of my beloved mother at home. Naluri ibu...ryte?? She know what her son want, even a week before i need it. When im down, she'll be there for me, walaupun kena scold, tapi i knew, its for my own good jugak kan?? When i need something, she could possible know it, even before i even mention it. Thats why Rasulullah saw ask us to have our mom first than our father right?? and it do remind me of a story that i had received before, through my email,about kasih sayang ibu..tapi,as always,in the next post ^^ ...

Afni's Son: Love my mom. Hopefully, soon enough, she'll know, when her son nie, have to get marry ;p

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